Classic Massages


Whilst our classic massages release tensions, the beautiful interior of our spa invites body and mind to rest.


Immerse yourself in an oasis of purity with our classic offer and discover the true Mediterranean essence in our Bellesa de Claret Luxury Spa.

Let yourself be pampered by our professional Bellesa de Claret therapists in a unique ambience.


Signature Delight


Mallorca is rich in natural beauty ingredients and our garden offers everything to spoil you with Mediterranean herbs and fruits.

Experience the natural power of lavender, almond and more in our unique Mallorcan rituals.

Let yourself be enchanted by the scent of Majorca and feel the island on your skin.


Seasons Rituals


The needs of our body change in the different seasons. If we yearn for warmth in winter, our skin requires moisture in the summer.

We tailor our treatments to the seasons and pamper your body & mind with seasonal fragrances and ingredients. 

Discover your ideal treatment for every season of the year at our luxury Spa Bellesa de Claret.






The Hammam 


Hammam is an ancient holistic therapy dating back thousands of years. This detoxifying body treatment brings a state of balance and wellbeing to the body. 

Relax in our hammam, with steam infused, essential oils from our garden, while our experts cleanse and purify your skin before giving you a full body massage. 

Endow your body with a state of absolute balance and well-being.

Bellesa Beauty


Facials & Make-up

A perfect combination between the natural wealth of Mallorca and the best fresh produce of our gardens, representing the purest essence and Mediterranean aroma.

Our facial care is done with natural products, enriched with fresh ingredients from our own garden. Your skin feels relaxed, healthy and vital.

Discover the regenerative power of the natural raw materials of the Mediterranean and let yourself be captivated by the authentic fragrance of Mallorca.

Hand & Feet Beauty

Give your Hands and Feet a break. These nail treatments shape, buff and gloss your nails to perfection.

The extremities of our bodies are constantly exposed to stresses. Bellesa de Claret therefore proposes a series of treatments and products with specific care adapted to your hands and feet .

Enjoy the exclusive manicure and pedicure treatments of Belles de Claret for well-kept hands and healthy feet.


Our hair is constantly exposed to the forces of nature. Put yourself in the hands of our professionals and don’t let the summer ruin the health of your hair.

Enjoy Bellesa´s luxury Spa treatments and improve the quality, strength and resistance of your hair by providing proper hydration and nutrition.

Our hairdresser is specialised in the latest hair trends and cutting techniques for Ladies, Gents and Children with short or long hair.

Bath Rituals


Harmony for Two

Unwind and loosen all tensions with a relaxing bath followed by a couples massage in your own suite.

Our therapist will prepare your room and bath with a blend of essential oils to create a special ambience.

Experience this ritual of total balance, relaxation and harmony.

Aloe Vera After Sun 

Aloe Vera is the key to this relaxing after sun treatment; it will calm, hydrate and regenerate your skin.

Our therapists will prepare your bath and invite you to your own private bath ritual with a repairing face mask followed by a light massage using Aloe Vera to calm your skin.

A ritual that blends with nature and helps to hydrate your skin and it´s natural regeneration.

Legs & Feet 

This lightening and draining foot and leg treatment will give you the sensation of walking on clouds.

Perfect after a long day of travelling, site seeing, sports or even for water retention. Our therapists will prepare this ritual in your suite or room with your footbath enhanced with special essential oils to relief your feet, followed by a 30 minutes foot and leg massage.

Discover this nourishing balm  that will soften and comfort your body. 

Bare in mind…

  • Experience our luxurious bath rituals and treatments in the privacy of your own suite.
  • Our therapists will come up to your room to prepare and to lead you through a unique moment of relaxation.
  • All Bath Rituals are recommended to be booked minimum four hours in advance in order to be able to offer the best service.

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