The Castell’s first official mention in 1450 describes five separate properties. When Don Gabriel Claret owned the estate in the late 1800’s, he decided to unite all these properties into one estate – Castell Son Claret – which remains at its current size of 132 ha. 100 years later, stables and smaller buildings were added; the Castell’s current blue print, as well as its iconic façade, was then established. After the affectionate restoration and reconstruction by its owners Christine and Klaus-Michael Kühne, the Castell was opened as a luxury hotel in May 2013.




Castell Son Claret is located at the foot of the peak “Puig de Galatzó” (1,026 m), in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains, “ Serra de Tramuntana”, declared World Heritage by Unesco in the category of Cultural Landscape. This acknowledgement is based on an uninterrupted symbiosis during centuries between the action of human being and nature in Mallorca. A difficult relationship to find nowadays, which provides us with happiness and pride of having the opportunity of contemplating its majesty every day. We are looking forward sharing with you our natural piece of paradise in Mallorca, where you can still enjoy of a 360 degrees vision of unspoilt nature. A fact that encourages us to continue working in the best possible way´s to preserve Mallorca´s nature and its wild life.

Overcoming difficulties based on the intelligent use of resources, without destroying the environment and always promoting its sustainability . The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, runs for around 90 km. of the northwest of Mallorca, with a maximum width of 15 km. Castell Son Claret is settled on the territory of 20 municipalities, being Calvía ​​one of the largest. The Tramuntana mountains occupy almost 30% of the island territory and more than 1,000 km2. A majestic Mountain range, “Sierra”, with several peaks that exceed 1,000 m in height. Highlighting the Puig Major (1,443), the Puig de Massanella (1,348 m), Teix (1,064) and the Galatzó ( 1,026 m),etc. The Serra de Tramuntana is the perfect setting for practicing sport in Mallorca, countless of healthy activities and sustainable sports. Hiking, Climbing, Trail Running, Mountaineering, Trekking, Coastering, Cycling, Speleology, Mountain Bike or BTT, Canyoning.