Sa Clastra

A dining experience that honours the soul of the Island





The Gourmet Experience

Sa Clastra is an elegant new gourmet restaurant at Castell Son Claret led by talented young Mallorca chef, Jordi Cantó.

Turning up the heat with his exciting new approach to gastronomy, Jordi has gone off the beaten track to uncover the best new producers and suppliers, and curate a dining experience that honours the soul of our historic building and the culinary heritage of our wider island community. The talented and ambitious Sa Clastra team take classic dishes from around the world and reinterpret them using local produce.









Tradition und Avantgarde

One á la Carte Menu and one extraordinary tasting menu, that will change according to the rhythm of the seasons.  A wine pairing option continues the exploration of fine Mallorca produce, with suggestions from smaller private and family-run cellars on the island.  Sa Clastra is named after its location in the romantic central patio or cloister at the heart of Spanish castles such as Castell Son Claret. Diners will sit at tables cossetted in the warm glow of soft lights reflected against the ancient stone of the castle walls and illuminated by the sparkling stars of the night sky.

Mallorca has inspired generations of chefs, artists, poets and writers, and this latest generation is no different. While reconnecting to traditions and heritage is the thread that runs through the Sa Castra dining experience, don’t be surprised if this young and energetic and ambitious culinary team occasionally include a nod to the warmth and fun of modern life.




Sa Clastra Winery

Awarded for its quality and wide variety

These culinary delights are accompanied by an extensive wine list, cocktails infused and garnished natural ingredients harvested in the Castell gardens.Sebastian Longo the Sommelier is in control of the hotel’s private and well-stocked menu with more than 600 wine references. He was awarded as, Sommelier of the Year, in the Balearic Gastronomy Writers  Awards 2017.



A Closer Look


Sa Clastra was named after the impressive courtyard of the Castell Son Claret. There the guests sit under the starry sky on mild summer nights and enjoy the special atmosphere of this square. Lanterns and the warmth of the day given off by the old castle walls provide the perfect backdrop for the culinary specialties of Cantó and his team.

Reservation Request

To be able to make your stay with as unforgettable as possible we kindly ask you as to complete yo­­­­ur personal pre-arrival planner and help us to take care of your Sa Clastra experience. Dont hesitate in contacting us for any wishes or doubts  through our e-mail

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