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Sa Clastra is generations of recipes, tricks and culinary secrets that this island and its people have protected throughout history. They are customs, songs and stories. They are roots and traditions. The love and respect for our heritage, the island and its flavours that have been passed down from generation to generation so as not to lose them through the passage of time.

The art of reinterpreting this legacy is our mission and at the same time, the challenge and guiding thread that leads us on an exciting journey to new ports, which will serve as a starting point for those who come after us. A personal journey without a set course intended to enrich and enlarge our legacy, continue writing in that recipe book and ensure our past and present are part of the future.

Transition creates that starting point, where we can begin again. Each recipe, each flavour, each fragrance and colour form our memories. They are stories that have crossed the spiral of time and that we protect and keep as our
ancestors did. Sa Clastra is my memories brought to life, but at the same time, they are also yours.






Sa Clastra is an elegant gourmet restaurant at Castell Son Claret led by talented young Mallorca chef, Jordi Cantó. Turning up the heat with his exciting new approach to gastronomy, Jordi has gone off the beaten track to uncover the best new producers and suppliers, and curate a dining experience that honours the soul of our historic building and the culinary heritage of our wider island community. The talented and ambitious Sa Clastra team take classic dishes from around the world and reinterpret them using local produce.

Two extraordinary tasting menus and one à la carte menu that will change according to the rhythm of the seasons. A wine pairing option that continues the exploration of fine Mallorca produce. Sa Clastra is a young restaurant with high standards. From the beginning, it has pursued the goal of becoming known as one of the best restaurants on Mallorca. And already in autumn 2021 Sa Clastra is recommended in the Michelin Guide – with a particular focus on the creativity of the cuisine and the interesting wine list. At Sa Clastra, expect culinary surprises that will delight you.


5 Course Tasting Menu

8 Course Tasting Menu

Menu á la carte

Portrait of Jordi Canto and several dishes of the finest gastronomy in Mallorca



A journey from our roots to our horizons, it´s a metaphor for life itself. Sa Clastra is taking this journey towards broadening our minds. Living off the grid, stepping out of our comfort zone, leaving our roots behind for a while and experimenting with the wonders of learning, relearning and sometimes even unlearning. Our concept is the “X”  on a map, a treasure to discover, that feeling of power, complexity and pleasure that experiencing something new provides, something different.

Our horizons will lead us to the unknown, to places that will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and try something new and perhaps unexpected. Facing difficulties will help us in reinterpreting them with a completely different meaning, levelling their weight in our personal balance by embracing diversity. Our horizons taught us to adapt and develop new ways of thinking, new ways of cooking, new ways of living, but the pillars of our concept are based in remembering where we come from, our roots, to know where we want to go, our horizons.

Sa Clastra will always be a two-way journey at whatever point you choose to start.





Portrait of Jordi Canto and several dishes of the finest gastronomy in Mallorca



The culinary delights are accompanied by an extensive wine list, cocktails infused and garnished with natural ingredients harvested in the Castell gardens. The Sommelier is in charge of the hotel’s private and well-stocked wine list. The quality of the wine in our establishments is fundamental to our philosophy. We understand that wine is essential part of living the good life and believe in offering the widest possible choice to suit all tastes. Today we have around 600 different labels from around the world. Many of these are productions of less than 1000 bottles and unique, absolutely sought after pieces and almost all the wines on the menu at Castell Son Claret are organic.

Portrait of Jordi Canto and several dishes of the finest gastronomy in Mallorca


Mallorca gourmet restaurant Sa Clastra was named after the impressive courtyard of the Castell Son Claret. During the summer diners will sit at tables cossetted in the warm glow of soft lights reflected against the ancient stone of the castle walls and illuminated by the sparkling stars of the night sky. Mallorca has inspired generations of chefs, artists, poets and writers, and this latest generation is no different. While reconnecting to traditions and heritage is the thread that runs through the Sa Castra dining experience, don’t be surprised if this young and energetic and ambitious culinary team occasionally include a nod to the warmth and fun of modern life.


Castell Son Claret

Carretera Es Capdella – Galilea Km. 1,7

Es Capdella, 07196


+34 971 138 627


Thursday, Friday & Saturday

 19:00 – 21:30


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