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Let yourself be enchanted by the scent of Majorca and feel the island on your skin. Immerse yourself in an oasis of purity and discover the true Mediterranean essence in our luxury Spa, Bellesa de Claret. Experience the fragrance of the seasons, the well-being of Majorcan herbs and the luxury of holistic relaxation. Castell Son Claret is a luxury oasis of rest and recovery in Mallorca, that offers an all-encompassing relaxation experience through the interplay of gentle stillness, breathtaking scenery and inspired pleasure for all senses. The avant-garde wellness concept of our luxury Spa Bellesa de Claret, is based on the idea of comprehensive relaxation by restoring inner balance. Inspired by our Mediterranean garden, great surroundings and the natural beauty of the island; we invite you to enjoy Mallorca with all your senses.

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