Our History


A hotel with History in Mallorca


The Castell’s first official mention in 1450 describes five separate properties.

When Don Gabriel Claret owned the estate in the late 1800’s, he decided to unite all these properties into one estate – Castell Son Claret – which remains at its current size of 132 ha. 100 years later, stables and smaller buildings were added; the Castell’s current blue print, as well as its iconic façade, was then established.

After the affectionate restoration and reconstruction by its owners Christine and Klaus-Michael Kühne, the Castell was opened as a luxury hotel in May 2013.

Luxury Hotel


Andreas Elsner, in charge of the renovation of Castell Son Claret, tells that the location of the spa was discussed at length; but once they started digging out the chosen area they found the remains of an old swimming pool.

This was taken as a sign that the right spot had been found.


A place with history and, perhaps, secrets...

Despite his Dutch heritage, our guest service agent, Rudy Verdikt, grew up in Es Capdellà, the traditional village just 2km from our hotel

His best friend, Salvador, lived across the road from Castell Son Claret, which, back then was just a rundown ruin with the gardens and wider estate growing wild – the perfect environment for two adventurous boys to explore.

Rudy could never have dreamed that his childhood playground would be transformed into a beautiful hotel and that it would later become his place of work.

Great gardens where both kids could play around and create so many adventures

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