Fernando P. Arellano

Chef Fernando P. Arellano presents a gastronomic experience. A native of Madrid, Chef Fernando is the only chef to win and retain two Michelin stars in the Balearic Islands, an achievement attained after twenty years of dedication, hard work, creativity and passion for his art.

The Zaranda story at Castell Son Claret began in May 2013, when Arellano and his team moved to the newly opened luxury hotel, where he found a new home, developed the culinary concept, and was awarded a Michelin star during the first year of operation.

Supported since the early days by his former wife and now partner Itziar Rodriguez, the 37-year-old Madrileno has also been recognised as “newcomer of the year“ and “Chef of the year“ over the past years. After various positions in “Patrick Gilbaud“ (Dublin), “Le Gavroche“ (London), “Don Alfonso“ (Naples), “Maison Pic“ (Valencia) and “Can Fabes“ (Barcelona) he opened his first restaurant “Zaranda“ in Madrid in 2005. Eleven months later, he received his first Michelin star as well as other prestigious awards.

According to Fernando, the award-winning chef has found his own paradise in the historical refuge of Castell Son Claret, where he can (speaking in culinary terms) spoil his guests and cater to their every wish.

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