Mallorca with its fragrant pine forests, fabulous white sand beaches and crystal clear water has always been an inspiring place for those seeking inner peace and serenity in yoga. Surrounded by nature, fresh air and the breathtaking Tramuntana mountains, it is particularly easy to switch off, find balance and recover from everyday life. Both, the spectacular mountain scenery and the picturesque beaches on the azure coastline are just around the corner. The stunningly beautiful island manages to awaken inner spirituality and exudes an incomparable charm. For this reason, Mallorca is the ideal place for relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga and Tai Chi Qi Gong where you can switch off in harmony with nature. Especially during a yoga holiday in our hotel you can fully relax, strengthen and relieve your body with the aid of Far Eastern techniques.




The peaceful gardens invite you to draw new energy with our yoga and mindfulness training under the blue sky of Mallorca. In our beautifully landscaped grounds you find an outstanding location for hours of relaxation at any time of the day or season. Yoga at the Castell is relaxation for body, mind and soul: With our holistic approach to health we hope to inspire you. With our comprehensive yoga program to stretch and strengthen all muscle, breathing exercises (pranayama), body postures (asanas) and various relaxation techniques our yoga teachers help you to find inner balance to keep yourself in good physical shape. In addition, we support your journey to inner balance with individual meditation courses. Yoga at Castell means a very special kind of self-discovery.


To support the effect of yoga and meditation as effectively as possible we create the optimal conditions for your yoga holiday in our hotel in Mallorca. The modern and luxuriously designed rooms and suites offer idyllic retreats, joining the hotel’s tranquility and balance. So, you can recharge your batteries in Majorcan atmosphere after a busy day on the island. Additionally, our indoor spa offers a pool and numerous treatments. Our experienced international team will give you helpful tips for yoga practices for a holistic well-being.


The view to the stunning mountain ranges of the Serra de Tramuntana, our beautiful court and the lovely landscaped garden ideally suit for yoga and meditation techniques. Castell Son Claret in Mallorca is the perfect setting for your daily training, an exclusive boot camp or your personal yoga workshop. Even in the surroundings, there are many dreamlike and idyllic places of relaxation where you can practice meditation and yoga in peace – perhaps in combination with hiking trip! Whether directly at Castell Son Claret, whether alone or in a group, whether on a pristine sandy beach or in the legendary Tramuntana mountains: A yoga retreat in Mallorca will relieve you with long lasting effect and bring your body, mind and soul in harmony.