Top 10 most spectacular swimming pools in the world – almost too beautiful to be true


The question of whether you prefer a bath in the sea or in the pool is unnecessary if you have seen these spectacular pools.


The most luxurious, amazing and curious are to been found where good weather and high temperatures invite for a swim all year round. In warm climes, an refreshing swimming pool – whether in hotels, public buildings or private homes – goes without saying.


And isn´t it everyone’s desire to take a swim in an extraordinary pool with deep blue colour and extravagant shapes? These 10 impressive pools are irrestisible and without doubt pure luxury!


The most impressive and luxurious swimming pools in the world:


Lagoon pool in Sagaponack

This stunning pool is located in the outskirts of New York, surrounded by beautiful countryside with forests and lush green meadows – the perfect place to spend the summer with friends or family. The pool was built directly next to a natural lagoon. Only a pane of glass separates the two basins, creating the impression that they merge into one another.

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A pool like an interior design magazine in Los Cabos, Mexico
This mid-sized pool seems to be designed for a decoration magazine and its owners surely enjoy bathing in the dream like reality of a water basin. The diagonal pool is located on a private estate in Los Cabos, Mexico, and impresses with its deep blue colour that seems to merge with the sky and the nearby sea.

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Hammam pool in Palm Desert, California
This pool impresses not so much by its size as by its particular location in a private hammam with a specially designed environment that is ideal for absolute relaxation. The great thing is that anyone can bathe in this pool because the property in which it is located can be rented or bought. A swimming pool where you shed the everyday life!


Cascade pool in Beverly Hills

This gigantic infinity pool extends over several levels. It is located in the garden of a large villa that can be rented through AirBnB and has even been holiday home to the well-known American rapper Drake.

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A pool in a private atrium in Daca, Bangladesh

Located in the middle of an elegant Dhaka home this pool is the perfect place to relax in a modern and green environment after a busy day at work. The swimming pool is integrated into the architecture and sees itself as a separate room of the building.

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A pool on the 40th floor in Houston

Swimming in this pool you must be free from giddiness!
It is located on the 40th floor of a residential building and protrudes from the façade, floating freely; nothing but the street below.

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An indoor pool in the living room in Jakarta

Sitting in the living room and watching the kids splashing around in the salon – daily routine for the well-known, millionaire owner of a luxury villa in Jakarta. A modern, minimalist decor surrounds the scene.

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Double pool in Montauk, New York

This beautiful pool nestles around a large house and seems to be divided into two pools. It´s perfectly made for two siblings who celebrate with friends at the pool at the same time but do not want to disturb eachother. There is a window in the basement of the villa which releases the view into the pool. A futuristic and groundbreaking design.

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Luxury home cinema with pool

Watch your favorite movie while splashing in the pool? In this covered swimming pool with a big screen you can relax in pleasantly warm water in winter as well as in summer to cool off.

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Pool overlooking Hollywood

This stunning rectangular pool in the heart of Hollywood overlooking the city is just the perfect place to spend a romantic evening and watch the stars.

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