Best Restaurants in Mallorca

Best Restaurants in Mallorca


Mallorca is a paradise for fine dining and local fast food: 9 restaurants with a total of 10 Michelin stars, quaint bars, colorful farmer markets and a large selection of wineries that produce excellent wines.

The local gastronomy in Mallorca has been developing for years, combining traditional Mediterranean dishes with modern trends, yet always coming back to its roots. But what is the local, genuine Mallorcan cuisine? And where do chefs and locals go for food shopping? We present the best restaurants in Mallorca, the most beautiful farmer markets and some gastronomy spots/tips you should definitely visit and heed on your next vacation.


Mallorca has more than 3,000 restaurants: tapas bars, cellars (basement restaurants), touristic and upmarket venues. Not all but many remember their roots, which, as the real local cuisine, are more rural. This means hearty meals prepared with seasonal products are served. Meat, especially lamb, rabbit, goat and suckling pig, vegetables and cabbage as well as a lot of spices belong in the Mallorcan pot. Freshly caught fish and snails are a specialty and the sweet highlight is the Ensaimada, a yeast pastry that is eaten for breakfast and coffee.

The Moors left an exotic touch in cooking during their occupation. The occupiers from North Africa established citrus fruits and the typical terrace construction in Mallorca, but they also brought exotic spices such as saffron, an important ingredient of paella.

The Mallorquins like to eat sociably, extensively and late. A glass of wine is part of every good meal, lunch or dinner. Also typical is the “Menu del dia”, a daily menu which is offered in many restaurants at noon from 13 clock. Mostly it is used by locals only, sadly, because the reasonably priced menu is typical of the country, delicious and well portioned. An insider tip to get to know Mallorcan cuisine!

As for our rustic snack the Mallorcans have the “Pan amb Oli” – the bread with oil. Unsalted, lightly toasted bread is rubbed with a clove of garlic and tomatoes, then doused with plenty of olive oil and optionally topped with cheese and ham. A typical appetizer or delicious snack.

Another local delicacy that you will find in any bar but also in the best restaurants in Mallorca are tapas. Spread throughout Spain, the small snacks are occasionally served as an intermediate snack for a glass of wine or as a starter. The term “tapas” comes from “tapar = cover something”. The small bites are just as big that they cover a beer or wine glass for protection. Each region of Spain refines its tapas to regional tastes. Make a tapas tour in Palma – it´s fun and delicious! There are guided tours but feel free to stroll along the streets of the old town by yourself and pop in the tiny restaurants.

When it comes to fine cuisine in Mallorca the local olive oil and of course the wine from the island should not be missed. Majorcan farmers produce particularly tasty virgin olive oil from the old, gnarled trees, some of which are up to 500 years old. During the harvest season in November, visit the olive mill in Caimairi and the old traditional mill “Can Det” in Soller where olives get pressed and bottled.
A visit to one of the wineries is also a must for every gourmet. Mallorca produces award-winning wines, many winemakers open their doors and invite to tastings. Taste wines with the indigenous varieties Manto Negro, Callet and Prensal Blanc, to name just a few of the approximately 40 island-typical vines.



Something is going on in Mallorca every day. The traders move from village to village and offer their goods at weekly farmer markets. Beside clothing and flowers, gourmets and chefs will find the best fresh ingredients for excellent dishes. Local fruits and vegetables, spices, herbs, but also fish and meat can be found in the markets of the island. The farmer markets open around 8 o’clock and are dismantled at 14 o’clock. The market halls in Palma are open until evening.

In Palma, there are several market halls that are freshly supplied by farmers and fishermen. Popular with locals and chefs are the markets S’Olivera and Santa Catalina. Here you will find virtually everything the gourmet’s heart desires and several tapas stalls invite you to snack.

Puerto de Andratx is not only a fancy celebrity marina but the village has also its own fishing fleet. Swarms of seagulls announce the return of the fishermen to the harbor around 5 pm. Then it gets busy on the colorful promenade. The fresh catch is loaded and brought directly to the best restaurants in Mallorca, nets repaired and life in the fish hall rages. Check out Mondays to Fridays when the fresh catch is presented to tourists, locals and seagulls.

The most popular and colorful farmer markets close to Castell Son Claret are in Andratx on Wednesdays and in Calvia on Mondays. Another worthwhile visit is the market in Santanyi, one of the most beautiful farmer markets in Mallorca. Every Saturday, the chic village with its typical sandstone houses is transformed into a colorful sea of stalls which offer fruit and cheese but also a lot of handicrafts. Many small art studios around the marketplace invite you to stroll and marvel.


Excellent food, outstanding service and upscale ambience – the top of fine dining can be found in the 9 best restaurants in Mallorca which are awarded with one or two Michelin stars.

Every year, the French tire manufacturer Michelin re-evaluates selected restaurants around the world and its restaurant guide, the “Guide Rouge”, is considered a guide for gourmets and fine dining. A maximum of 3 stars can be awarded to a restaurant and the evaluation criteria are secret.

We present the best restaurants in Mallorca that attract gourmets to visit the island and are listed in the Michelin Guide 2018.


Restaurante Adrián Quetglas

Adrián Quetglas in Palma is awarded with 1 Michelin star. Both at lunch and in the evening the Russian master chef spoils his guests in the restaurant of the same name.


Restaurante Argos

Puerto Pollensa also boasts a Michelin star restaurant: Argos Restaurant is located at La Goleta Hotel del Mar. The Spanish chef Álvaro was one of the first 10 finalists in the “San Pellegrino Young Chef Spain and Portugal” 2015 competition.


Restaurante Jardín

A lady also joins the list of master chefs: Macarena de Castro spoils her guests at the Restaurante Jardín in Alcúdia and was awarded with a Michelin star in 2012.


Restaurante Es Fum

Es Fum restaurant in Costa d’en Blanes, in St. Regis Mardavall, is run by José Miguel Navarro. The tasting, Michelin star awarded menu should be booked well in advance.


Restaurante Bou

Another Michelin star shines on the east coast: Tomeu Caldentey from Bou Restaurant at Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa in Sa Coma celebrates its 15th anniversary.


Simply Fosh

Marc Fosh from Simply Fosh in Palma was the first British chef in Spain to win a Michelin star. The modern restaurant is housed in a former convent converted into a boutique hotel.


Restaurante Es Racó d’es Teix

A German chef is pulling the strings at the Es Racó d’es Teix restaurant in Deià. Josef Sauerschell and his wife opened the restaurant in 2000 and were awarded with a Michelin star two years later.

On the edge of Capdepera, overlooking the castle, you find the restaurant Andreu Genestra, run by the Inca-born chef. Andreu Genestra received his first Michelin star in 2015.


Restaurante Andreu Genestra

luxury hotel in Mallorca, we are proud of Zaranda, the only restaurant in Mallorca that had been awarded with 2 Michelin stars. Our chef Fernando P Arellano appreciates the “pantry” of Mallorca and surprises his guests with each course. Already in 2006, Fernando P Arellano won a Michelin star with his restaurant in Madrid, then moved with his entire team to Mallorca and is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Mallorca today.


Have we made you appetite? Then you should plan a few days in Mallorca to enjoy the whole gastronomic offer. Stroll through Palma and eat in the tapas bars, visit a farmer market and let yourself be pampered in one of the best restaurants in Mallorca. Enjoy your meal!