Pool Suites

The “Pool Suites” of Castell, these spectacular luxury Suites in Mallorca, offer direct access to their own garden, private terrace and 10 m2 pool. The two “Pool Suites” are located in the wonderful gardens of the estate and surrounded by the nature and mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana.

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Tower Suites

The “Tower Suites” of Castell are Claret. Spectacular luxury suites in Mallorca with approx. 70 m², have a spacious balcony that offers an ideal sunbathing spot and views over the beautiful estate gardens and Tramuntana Mountains. They are located in the  towers of the historic Castle offering a unique and exclusive charm.

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Garden Suites

The large “Garden Suites” of Castell Son Claret. Spectacular luxury suites in Mallorca with approx. 65 m² feature a spacious living room with dining table for four people, sofa bed, as well as master bedroom with en-suite bathroom with bathtub. Especially suitable for families wanting to relax and enjoy surrounded by pure Mallorcan nature.

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Terrace Demi Suite

The unique “Terrace Demi Suite” of Castell Son Claret. Enjoy this luxury suite in Mallorca, with approx. 50 m², offers an exceptional space with a generous bathroom complete with free-standing bathtub and 90m² large palatial terrace, from which you get a privileged view of the Castell estate and the Tramuntana mountain range, the ideal spot for sunbathing or small cocktail parties.

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Demi Suites

The “Demi Suites” of Castell Son Claret. These exclusive luxury suites in Mallorca offer both individuality and comfort in equal manner. Each Demi Suite (approx 50 m²) has its own particular layout and all of them have a sofa bed and offer unique features like a sun deck or herb garden. Idyllic to rest and gain absolute relaxation in our little paradise.

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Terrace Deluxe Double

The “Terrace Deluxe Double” of Castell Son Claret. Luxury rooms with approximately 37 m², are characterized by their individual charm and beautiful views of the Serra de Tramuntana. All rooms have French windows leading to a terrace for private sunbathing and offer views across the picturesque gardens or the Tramuntana Mountains, an idyllic private terrace for reconnecting with yourself.

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Water Tower Duplex

Undoubtedly a luxury room with unique circular architecture, the “Water Tower Duplex” of Castell are Claret, an ancient Water Tower converted into a luxury Duplex. With approximately 2 x 30 m² promises an unforgettable stay in a dream room surrounded by the nature of the Mallorcan countryside.

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Deluxe Double

The “Deluxe Double” deluxe rooms of Castell Son Claret have a personal and exclusive character. With approximately 37 m² are located in the main house. These roomshave spacious bathrooms, rain showers and French windows offering views of the garden and the Tramuntana Mountains.

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Estate Double

The “Estate Double” are the standard rooms of Castell Son Claret. Approximately 25 m² in size, they have large bathrooms and rain showers. They are located in the main building as well as in the estate gardens with views to the historic courtyard, the French Renaissance style fountain and the Moorish patio.

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