Olive Oil Mallorca

Olive Oil Mallorca

Olive Oil – The liquid gold of Mallorca

Did you know that olive trees in Mallorca are between 300 and 500 years old?

In addition to fig and citrus trees, they form the landscape of Mallorca and produce aromatic fruits, which can not be compared with those of young trees.

So it is not surprising that Mallorca produces excellent olive oils.

In contrast to mass production, only ripe fruits come into the press, especially the olive varieties “Mallorquina” or “Empeltre”, “Arbequina” and “Picual”.

As they did hundreds of years ago, Farmers put their olives in old mills where the oil is cold pressed. As a result, in Mallorca we have a particularly natural olive oil with soft fresh taste.


My insider tip:

In the middle of November begins the olive harvest and the oil mills run on high trances. A visit is worthwhile in the old mill Can Det in Soller, where one of the best oils of Mallorca is traditionally produced. Also one of the most beautiful festivals takes place at this time: the olive festival in Caimari. Stroll along stands offering local products and visit the oil press.

Mallorcan Lifestyle

Mallorcan Lifestyle

Poc a poc, Siesta and Mañana – this is how the islanders live

For some it is only a cliché for the others a motto of life: in Spain we love a calm lifestyle. Even though many modern companies and shops have abolished the siesta, the traditional lunch break, thanks to air conditioning, there are still small shops and businesses closed from 2 to 5 pm. Then the islanders meet in the local restaurants for the lunch menu which is usually accompanied by a glass of wine.

“Poc a poc” is a typical Mallorcan saying, meaning “bit by bit”. The locals just love to meet with friends, spend the weekends with cooling boxes on the beach and are reluctant to stress. This is really healthy! Spanish – and thus also Mallorcans – have an above-average life expectancy in a worldwide comparison. They are 83 years old on average, Mallorcan ladies even 85.2 years.

My tip: Live the Spanish work-life balance. Spanish people use 67 per cent of the day on basic needs. 16 hours daily they spend with sleeping, eating and leisure activities.

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