Almond Blossom Mallorca

Almond Blossom Mallorca

The Son Claret Family

At Castell Son Claret, we are not any waiter, any spa therapist, any bell boy or any barkeeper. We are Natasa, Mar, Annette, Juan, Björn and another dozens of locals and friends of Mallorca looking forward to introduce you to the secret gems of Mallorca and our unique surroundings. We are Castell Son Claret!

In our blog you get known our local heroes and their stories.


Mallorca, the World in a Nutshell

Natasa Peric, Spa Manager & globetrotter

What do Mallorca, Serbia and South Africa have in common?

Natasa can tell us. Our spa manager left her foot prints in 3 countries, speaks 8 languages and has one passion: the sea. So, it´s not surprising that the powerful lady with Montenegro roots and born in South Africa stopped for a another life decade on Mallorca. A small island but offering as much as the big world: amazing nature, unique light and deep blue sea.

Inspired by the stunning garden of Castell Son Claret, the natural beauty ingredients of Mallorca and, of course, the mediterranean sea, Natasa developed our „Signature Treatments“: The smell and feel of Mallorca. Fresh herbs, flowers & fruits from our own garden and caring hands are the ingredients of her unique Majorcan rituals.


Natasa´s favorite: Almond Signature Treatment

At the gardens of Castell Son Claret we have hundreds of almonds trees and the almond blossom in February is a kind of own season. But did you know that the cultivation of almond trees on Mallorca was only a compromise for farmers after the destruction of yards of vineyards in the 19th century by the phylloxera? Thanks to this desaster, today we have one of the most tasty and rich nuts in the world.

I just love the smell of almond flowers, the nourishing effect of almond oil and the soft skin after a treatment. For our full body ritual, first, I grate fresh almonds and mix the powder with almond oil for a body scrub. Once the skin is ready to absorb the natural nutrients of fresh almond oil it will be applied with a relaxing full body massage. While gently rubbed into the skin, it gets fully absorbed.


Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc, besides a number of other minerals and vitamins, which explains why it is so good for our heart, skin and hair. It can be safely used on sensitive skin as it is less likely to cause allergic reactions. Regular application of almond oil can protect your skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage, keeping it soft and supple.

I love my almond signature treatment!

Almond Signature Treatment, 90 minutes, 165 €

Mar, Event Manager and Boys Scout

Mar, Event Manager and Boys Scout



Mar Miralles, Event Manager and Boys Scout

If you meet a Mallorcan lady with a group of young boy scouts in the Tramuntana mountains, it might be Mar Miralles, our event manager. Because, unlike her name, Mar is in love with the mountains of the island, spends most of her weekends on the peaks or at the colorful farmers markets.

Variety, adventure and fun in the community are important for her not only at leisure time but also at work. So, it´s not surprising that Mar started her professional carrier in the event business, selling Mallorca as the ideal location for events throughout Europe.
Until she found the really perfect place for every occasion: the Castell Son Claret. It began with an internship and ended with the responsible task, among others, of organizing our first-class summer events and romantic weddings.

Mar´s most beautiful event: A romantic wedding at the gardens of Castell Son Claret

Event is not equal to event. To plan meetings and incentives is almost a day-to-day business. But when it comes to a wedding it´s getting very emotional even for me. I want that this day will be the most beautiful moment for the couple, a real “ones in a life time experience”.

Why couples choose Castell Son Claret for the wedding? At Castell Son Claret you do not just marry in the scenery of a castle, but you have the entire resort exclusively for yourself. The whole garden, the restaurants, terraces and the hotel belongs to the wedding couple and their guests. Nobody is disturbing and you can be sure that everything will work stress less.
When the gates to Castell Son Claret are closed, the greeting and the ceremony begins on the terraces in front of the Castell. The rippling of the river is the music. Fine food is served in the courtyard or directly in front of the hotel and the evening continues in relaxed atmosphere by the pool.

I think, there is no better way to celebrate the most romantic day in life. Once I marry…..

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