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Nicole Rose, a Mallorca insider

Nicole has been living on Mallorca for nearly 15 years and she knows the hidden gems of the island. She can tell you best places to enjoy breathtaking views alone and recommends amazing hiking trails and extraordinary excursions on a Mallorca blog: www.mallorquissimo.com

Did you know, for example, that there is an Aloe Vera farm on Mallorca, that you can dive with sharks and observe the vulture, a huge bird threatened with extinction? Find these and more insider tips from Nicole online.


The flora of Mallorca offers more than cacti, palm trees and oleanders. 300 sunny days a year and few rain are ideal conditions for the growth of Aloe Vera, which is grown on a farm in the north of Mallorca, very close to the Playa de Muro. From the precious juice of the plant natural cosmetics are produced.

A visit to the 40 hectare finca with 200,000 plants is worthwhile. Here you learn that the aloe vera must be at least 5 years old until the leaves can be harvested. A plant needs at least 2,000 hours of sunshine a year to build the valuable nutrients for the juice.

The free tour gives an overview of the 100% organic cultivation and the production of the products. Afterwards, I recommend a glass of fresh orange juice with pure Aloe Vera juice (an energy drink) in the cozy garden.

If you’re looking for gifts for friends or for yourself, there are plenty of cosmetics in the shop.

For more information about the Aloe Vera Farm in Mallorca and opening hours, please visit:


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